KN95 mask FFP2 Black (pack of 10)


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The FFP2 masks are soft and comfortable and simple to wear, they have elastic straps and adjustable nose clip to suit all face shapes and sizes.

Prevent droplets from spreading, 95% filtration by covering the mouth and nose.

The masks have five layers:

  • Water resistant outer layer
  • Two of the middle layers are melt blown polypropylene
  • Filter cotton
  • Skin soft polypropylene that sits on the face

What is FFP2?

  • P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard.
  • N95 is the United States respiratory standard.
  • KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard.
  • FFP2 is the European respiratory standard.


Masks are not a replacement for other recommended measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 so please continue to follow all recommended health guidelines.

We cannot guarantee that using this filter will prevent you from getting covid-19, however it should reduce your chances if worn correctly.

As this is a hygiene-related product we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

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